The New Year and the Way

1 01 2009

The Blofeld Yijing says about this Western New Year for yours truly: “The Superior Man busies himself setting things in order.” This will be followed by: “The Superior Man, seeing what is good, imitates it; seeing what is bad, he corrects it.” 

 Winter, to me, always hearkens a return. My Le Guin translation of the Tao Te Ching reads:











Returning to the Root

Be completely empty.

Be perfectly serene.

The ten thousand things arise together;

in their arising is their return.

Now they flower,

and flowering

sink homeward,

returning to the root.


The return to the root

is peace.

Peace: to accept what must be,

to know what endures.

In that knowledge is wisdom.

Without it, ruin, disorder.


To know what endures

is to be openhearted,




following the Tao,

the way that endures forever.

The body comes to its ending,

But there is nothing to fear.

© 1997 Ursula K. Le Guin