Of Mice and Mockingbirds

9 11 2009

Texas MouseA Twitter posting this morning reminded me of an occurrence. Years ago I built computers for a Texas company. My office had a back door opening on a side road. Our salesman used to toss all the wrappers from the many candy bars he ate daily into my trash can. At night, mice climbed into the can seeking the wrappers and could not get back out. In the morning I would pick up the can, walk across the street, and dump the mice in a field. One day I had barely returned when one of the mice came high-tailing it back across the street headed straight for my office. Down from the sky swooped a mockingbird. Bam, he hit mouse, swept up the sky with it, flew over to the field and hung the carcass from one of the barbs on top of a fence. I always thought there should be a moral to this story, but what?Mockingbird




2 responses

9 11 2009

Run faster?
Zig, don’t zag?
Leave the wrappers?
Don’t return to the scene?

9 11 2009

Yes, all those. Thanks. Also, maybe something about an easy meal isn’t always the best?

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