Alas Dear Eartha…

25 12 2008

Eartha Kitt has departed this realm at the age of 81 on Christmas Day. I really don’t know much about Ms Kitt except for her public persona, but I have always admired her as a rebel. Guess I will have to hunt down her autobiography, or one of them. Looks like Confessions of a Sex Kitten is the latest. Thank goodness for Here are three videos.

“I Want to Be Evil” is my favorite Kitt number. This is followed by a glimpse of her as Catwoman–I didn’t think anyone could top Julie Newmar in that role, but Kitt did. Then “C’est Si Bon” which was the first impression Ms Kitt made on yours truly as a callow youth. And finally, how can we not have a version of “Santa Baby?”

Goodbye Eartha, you will be missed.




One response

3 01 2009
coffee buzz

Eartha Kitt contributed an immeasurable amount to the entertainment industry.. and it was so funny to find out that she was a voice in “The Emperor’s New Groove”

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