Nobody Knows the Trouble…

13 12 2008
The coast is clear.

The coast is clear.

Last week I talked about Desiderata and peace and love and happiness. Now, after three weeks of depressing illness followed by a trip to freezing cold Texas, reports of snow in New Orleans, and windstorms and very freezing temperatures coming here in Seattle, let us look at the dark side.

A huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is growing at an enormous rate. The oceans have been devastated by trawler fishing, the Gulf Stream is going away, and the polar caps are melting. There are just a lot of effing people on this planet and it is running out of the ability to deal with our trash. Exhaust fumes are, here, considered trash.

So, are we going to hell in a handbasket? I have at least one friend who thinks so, while other friends deny that there is even a problem. Which is it? Are we ostriches burying our heads in the sand whilst the lion creeps up on us unawares?

Or are we a pack of bleeding heart alarmists frightened by our own shadows and ready to squeek at the least provocation. You tell me.

Now here’s our old pal Barry McGuire with the music.




2 responses

13 12 2008

Are we going to hell in a handbasket…or are we bleeding heart alarmists? Yes 🙂 But, hey, soon it will be time to feast by the fire. To hell with the rest. At least for a little while.

13 12 2008

Yes, this weather encourages me to snuggle down and think local. Um, a glass of wine, a loaf of warm bread, and some white truffle olive oil for dipping. Cheers.

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